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Today's quotes

Let's start today's update with two wonderful quotes...

Each one I have read several times, I think you will also.

Here's the first, from Robert L.:

 a)  "Success is the child of drudgery and perseverance.
It cannot be coaxed or bribed, pay the price and it's yours."

b)  "Success is that old ABC - ability, breaks, and courage."  -- Charles Luckman

 c)  "Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor".   -- Truman Capote

And this one is probably my favorite I recall receiving in a very long time, from Randy P.:

Never Stop Being You!

All partners are created equal

Through trickle down I have received a couple of comments, how truthful one never really knows, but I suspect there is some merit of truth so...

Apparently there may be a few, but just a very few, partners who have expressed because of the size of their loan they are entitled to receive priority in questions they have, etc., etc., etc.

The fact of the matter is, every partner whether they made a loan for the minimum amount or something substantial is always, and I repeat always, treated professionally, and courteously, and equally important by me.

I make no distinction as in my book all partners are created equal.

I appreciate you and I appreciate the support of everyone and I truly mean this!

Loan VS. Investment

It has also been brought to my attention a number of partners are using the word or expression "The Investment" when asking a question or making a reference to our partnership.

I'm asking everyone to etch this in acid on your frontal lobe...

No partner has made an investment in this deal!  EVERY PARTNER I HAVE HAS MADE A LOAN WITH A SUBSTANTIAL PAYBACK OFFERED.

I structured our deal from the beginning as a loan and not as an investment for legal reasons.

Hence, every loan is collateralized with assets of the company we are supporting as well as a personal guarantee by yours truly.

INVESTMENTS do not reach to this higher standard of participation.

Our deal

We are going to get a little lengthy here so bear with me.

Since my last update to you there has been a flurry of activity on several fronts.

By not just the seller but the lawyers for the buyers, in fact everyone.

I see no reason why you and I cannot rely upon statements made in a video the seller did, again just to a very small group of original yes, investors, in Canada, where he specifically said he expects to close the transaction by the end of the first quarter. (Obviously this means the end of this month, March.)

This does not mean we will be paid by the end of this month, just not possible even if the deal closed within the next week. Here's why...

Regardless of the sale price there will be an enormous sum of funds transferred internationally to a U.S. bank.

I am told the IRS, Homeland Security, and even appropriate officials in other various high level government positions are all aware of this.

I remind you, in fact everyone, of this fact, just so you realize the sums are enormous they will not be blocked or held up pending some stupid review because some 3-letter agency is not aware!

I'm also informed these funds will be put in an escrow account at one selected partner bank, and from there disbursements made to other people involved in the deal... Like us!

I know this is complicated however some of the funds on the incoming side will be disbursed to appropriate entities by the closing bank so as to make certain title to the company is free and clear when being transferred to the buyers.

Both of these methods taken together provide for all of us a very high degree of safety and peace of mind.

Now so as to avoid and hopefully circumvent the litany of questions I continue to receive about payment after closing know this...

By the time funds will be on the way I will have asked everyone, all partners, and all leaders - to confirm via a secure web form requiring a legal electronic signature, the amount of the loan or loans each party or entity has contributed.

Bottom line... Relax! I've got this!

I warned you this was going to be lengthy so here goes with some more...

Remember a few weeks ago I informed you and all my partners the company was in the process of restructuring itself in order to become a public company and for the benefit of the buyers to give them the flexibility they need legally to fold this new asset they are acquiring into their legal public structures.

I divert now for a reason:  You may not know this, however in 2004 the Google partners (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) developed an absolutely new and fascinating twist for their IPO (Initial Public Offering).

What they did stunned Wall Street, not to mention they probably P.O.'d some major investment banks. You know, the companies who for the last century plus, have made it their business to underwrite new stock offerings and consequently make a fortune in fees, tremendous fees, meaning a huge share of each stock sold.

What the boys at Google did was revolutionary because...

They structured for the first day of their stock sale a 'Dutch Auction.' A Dutch Auction is where the bidding starts at a high price but instead of going up bidding goes "down" until the selling company says, "OK, we will accept that bid from everyone." Which then obviously establishes the initial selling price for the stock on the first day being offered.

This cut the investment banks out of the picture completely - no exorbitant  or high fees to these Wall Street barons.

And as I have said, Wall Street sat by in stunned silence watching probably the most successful IPO in decades unfold.

I share this brief moment of history with you only to illustrate this point...

Technology and artificial intelligence (AI) and not to be cliche-ish, are literally rewriting the way us humans live our lives every day. In fact, you will see the day when artificial intelligence plays some role, sometimes minor sometimes major, in everything, all things we do.

This technology already exists: If you can build algorithms into an automobile which teaches it to recognize speed limit signs and adjust speed accordingly, know the difference between red, yellow, and green, recognize stop signs, and thousand of other things that our brains do for us in the simple act of driving, well, I suggest to you you can teach software to perform unlimited tasks in a split second of the time that would otherwise be required by a human being. 'Nuff said.

Why the observation?

I'm almost reluctant to say this to you but we are partners and I have always told you as things develop, where I CAN and am ALLOWED to share with you, I will.

My hesitancy to tell you what I'm about to share with you is because I know from months of experience of having my butt handed to me some people may read into my following remarks something which is absolutely not so. Specifically, some people will think the seller is positioning himself for a 'no deal.' And I repeat, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE! SO RELAX!

Here's what I want to share:

I gave you the example of the Google boys and their unique twist to going public for this purpose. Our seller, a tech virtuoso, has built into his 'go public' structure the ability to offer equity in the company through tokens and NFTs.

Listen, I do NOT want to make this overly complex so let me try to explain it this way.

Despite many opinions to the contrary, a token can indeed have significant value. Because a token can be pre-loaded with and never altered, something of value. For example, a token can not only be loaded with crypto currencies, it can also be loaded with stocks or stock certificates of a certain value or quantity, connected to a crypto currency. And never, ever alterable.

Think of tokens as a precursor to NFTs.


And, the exchange/trading market place for both tokens and NFTs already exists.

No Wall Street, NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), or any other exchange internationally will be needed at all!

Think this through with me... Obviously the benefit to you and I both as we have both made loans to this company, is our security interest, IE; the collateral offered which you saw in writing at the time of making your loan, has now been significantly enhanced.

This last sentence is the sentence I was concerned would be twisted in to "Oh my god, he's not closing!"


The structure of these tokens and NFTs are for a far greater and more important benefit to all parties in this transaction.

I thought it important to share with you this and other facts so you and other partners do not think for even one second our seller and a busload of lawyers representing the buyers are just sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

We continue to march forward big time!

Sorry / afterthought

Sorry, this just occurred to me as a result of an early AM email, from a group leader.

If any partner is having any challenges with any leader relative to payments, accounting, disbursements - anything along those lines - rest assured, prior to my company disbursements following receipt of our share of funds from the closing, WILL require from any group leader who we are paying directly so they may pay their group, a complete roster of who their members/ partners are so we can assure everyone all will be handled for their benefit when the time comes.

And note: There are a handful of partners with a small group whom we will pay those partners / members directly and not send one big check to the leader... Again, ONLY WHEN THE TIME COMES, WE WILL DO THIS.

Regarding phone calls and emails... PLEASE!


The reason I send these updates is to keep EVERYONE up to date on WHAT I CAN SHARE, all at the same time.

Please allow me to keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, through these updates (meaning, please no calls or emails about this update).


Also, tell your partners they can CLICK HERE and sign up for receiving my reports. Watch for an email to confirm - you do have to confirm your subscription. (Yahoo is notorious for blocking emails from Getresponse, the mailing platform we use, so if possible use a gmail email address.)  If you signed up and are not seeing the updates please check your spam/junk folder or promotional folder and move those emails to your inbox, and whitelist them.

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.


Mike G.


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