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Today's quotes

Let's begin today with a wonderful quote from my friend, Mr. John D., about the secret to life:

The secret to life

And here's a quick one, I think you'll like it, from a well known internet social media expert I admire:


The difference between great and average is how often you take risks.

Accept risk as a normal part of living.
View risk as a part of the process of exploring your world. Make note of the lessons you learn with each chance you take, and move on.

Forget about the consequences of taking chances.
Risk opens you to only a temporary change in direction that can set you straight for your next success.

If you're brave enough to risk, to temporarily live outside of your comfort zone, for a short period of time, you're big enough to win.

-- Max Steingart

The movie

I wanted to have a little fun going into the weekend, I hope you don't mind.

A 2014 movie called 'Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner has a scene where Costner, who plays the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns football team is being stressed out (to say the least).  Practically being torn apart by a roomful of staffers all shouting at him who he should pick next, what deal he should make with other GMs, and well the list goes on and on.

It got to the point where Costner shouted out, and this is not an exact quote but you'll get the idea...

"Will everyone just shut up for five minutes and let me do my job? I'm working here!"

Truth be told there is another reason I share this story with you which is, some of my wonderful partners just don't understand, "I'm working here!"

I have 10-12 people calling me several times a week if not daily, looking for stuff like, "what did you mean in the update when you said...", "when will the update be out", "thanks Mike, great update"... Well, you get the idea.

But here's the issue: And I think you'll understand this more clearly when I tell you this:

I allow myself just 3 minutes for lunch every day. Just enough time to drink a 6oz fruit smoothie, and put my head back on my office chair and breathe deeply for a moment or two.

I cannot even take a five minute bathroom break without receiving another at least five emails from partners. 

It's nuts... "I'm working here!"

So here's the point:

I respect, like, appreciate, and am grateful for all of my partners, even those who call me frequently not realizing they are interrupting a very hectic day which is every day, all day long.

I worked until 1:00am last night, just managing those things I have to manage and doing those things I must do.

"I'm working here!"

If I happen to be by my phone and recognize the caller id, I will often shout out to Amy, my assistant, who answers the call for me, a message to give the caller.

Here's the point again:

Please please please, if you feel a need to speak with me personally, just send me a brief email with the topic you wish to cover, and give me the option of answering by email or I promise if need be I will call when I'm not in the middle of something.

Proof is in the pudding... Ask Sam who sent me an urgent email at 10:00pm last night. Five minutes later I was on the phone with him.

I do return calls when necessary! But sometimes, too often,  I just don't have the time and a quick email reply start to finish can be done in a minute or less, where a phone call is always a minimum of five minutes.

And BEFORE calling or emailing me, check my latest update.   I keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, THOUGH THESE UPDATES!

If I don't mention something - it doesn't mean I forgot, or it slipped my mind, or I'm holding out on you - it means I don't have any new news on that development  when I write this.

You are listening to the words of a man who relies upon every minute of every day to get his work done! 'Nuff said.

The deal

I continue to be amazed at how loan partners will interprete my updates in completely diametrically opposing perspectives.

For example, Wednesday's update, the overwhelming majority were extremely positive regarding the fact the seller has decided to make available saleable collateral for all my loan partners should any of them 'want out' before the big sale.

I will not cover this in detail here again, other than to say...

This new idea not only helps prove this deal is the real deal and is only made possible by all the legal work previously done at the request of the buyers to make our sellers' companies (all of them) a public entity for their own business objectives.

In fact the seller has already started work on the exchange platform for the sale of NFTs / and or tokens containing equity in some form to be bought and sold. Just like a crypto currency exchange.

The video

Also, the video for just us is still in preparation. It's not just a matter of the seller sitting in front of a camera, it's a matter of he having all of the elements complete and ready to deliver on, that he discusses on the video, things like the exchange platform I pointed out above.

This may take a week or two hopefully no longer to complete.  And all of this is being done not because the deal is dead - far from it! In fact, all of this work is being done just to prove to the world that yes, we are real and this is being done while we are pursuing the sale.

I don't care

As you know, I have resolved to not reply or even read any negative emails whatsoever. Because I just don't care if some people don't 'get it.'  I'm sorry.  My health is far more important than the damage stress is known to cause.

Therefore, what I'm about to share with you is not for my benefit. It is really for any partner who is being critisized or worse, berated because of their involvement in all of this.

So let me say this so anyone who needs it may pass it on.

Can anyone possibly imagine "me" or I guess, any person for that matter, perpetuating in a dramatic and very public way, some scam or con for almost four years, and still be walking the streets?

Oh sure, I did have a conflict with the state of Michigan where my main corporate office is located when they filed a cease & desist - meaning stop taking personal collateralized loans from MI residents.

And after discussing with my attorney who estimated going to court with the state (who obviously has unlimited legal resources) my expense would be around $100k just to argue even though I may have been in violation of 'Michigan' security issues it's the Federal securities that control.

The state of course knew this, and they knew it would cost me a great deal of money to go to court and I would most likely win but they didn't care simply because unlike a natural citizen government is willing to spend tax payer money like there was no tomorrow.

So I settled. I paid a fine, stopped collecting personal collateralized loans from Michigan residents, and that was the end of it except one thing... And again, I don't care.  A local newspaper got ahold of the story, no doubt from the state, and printed a story with a headline something like this 'Local business shut down for securities violations'

Know this: newspapers, like all media, are NOT A SERVICE, they are a business. And as is the case of all news channels, the more sensationalized the story the more eyeballs they attract the more advertising revenue they can earn. The same age old principle applies - follow the money and you will always get to the right answer.

Fact of the matter is my business was NOT shut down. I was not sued. I voluntarilly said ok, no more MI residents. The corporation the newspaper claimed was shut down is still alive and well yet that story is still out there. In all it's stupid non-factual story, but you know what - I don't care anymore!

Self defense

Here's something else any loan partner can share with those who need to begin thinking more acurately about all this:

One of my, and let's say she is in the top ten of total loan partner contributors, in fact since the following occured she and I have become friends and are even discussing future business deals together.  Anyways...

She is immensely pollitically connected. So before she loaned even a dime she contacted two, I've forgotten excactly, maybe three, of those 3-letter agencies, agencies which I have in the past in various updates recognized as having been involved in meetings about this deal, she did not call a local field office for these agencies (no, that's too easy any one can do that, besides field offices have no idea about the stuff we are doing). She went straight to prominent people in Washington D.C.

Then she called me back afterwards telling me what she had done, and she was delighted to participate after informing me that yes, indeed these top of the rung people she spoke to knew about the players involved, the lawyers involved, and most other aspects of what we are doing.

Here's another point any loan partner may use in their own self defense for those who need a little help thinking this all through accurately...

There are several very high end lawyers, I have often referred to them. Lawyers who represent the various purchasers, not to mention a roomful of very smart, very successful people who serve on the Boards of our billionaire buyer group. Here's the point: Any agency wishing to investigate us, the seller, this deal, you name it, would only need to speak to anyone of these people and just to clear the record any one of these people would happily allow any investigator to talk to any of the others. And why? THIS DEAL IS REAL.

It is not some grand hoax being perpetuated for four consecutive years in a very public way. This would be impossible.

In summary, fell free to use any or all of the above in rebuttal to any negative criticism or berating you may suffer.


There is a lot happening now, it's happening fast, and things are changing almost as fast, relative to these reports.

Like I said, I was at it until 1:00am last night. It was only 10:00pm on the West Coast, for the people I was working with, when I called it quits for the day.

My job in all of this is to report.

It may not always be the report someone is looking for.
However, you know what? My job doesn't say report only good stuff. My job is to tell you what is going on as I know. Let me repeat - only as I know.

Please let these updates speak for themselves.

I am not going to sugarcoat anything.

One, I don't need to. Two, I wouldn't do that to you or any other partner.  You deserve to know what I know - I'm a loan partner too!

About these updates

If something dramatic or urgent happens between the schedule of Wednesday and Friday updates, I'll send out a special update.  Otherwise just let the people who are doing what they do, the varitable army of people who are involved, and let me do my job, and I promise you, I will.

I thank you for your understanding and I hope some of the above may help you ease any tensions you personally have or as a rebuttal to any negative comments or criticisms, etc. etc.

Please allow me to keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, through these updates (again, meaning please no calls or emails about this update or this deal).

Receiving updates

Also, if you are not already, you can CLICK HERE and sign up to receive my updates. Watch for an email to confirm - you do have to confirm your subscription. (Yahoo is notorious for blocking emails from Getresponse, the mailing platform we use, so if possible use a gmail email address.)  If you signed up and are not seeing the updates please check your spam/junk folder or promotional folder and move those emails to your inbox, and whitelist them.

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.


Mike G.


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