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Today's quotes

Let's begin today with two great quotes, the first from Bill L.:

Stress or Faith

And here's one from my friend Jeff T., the quote-master:And here's one from my friend Jeff T., the quote-master:

No Passion In Settling


A couple of emails for you today, both I wrote.

This first one is slightly edited, removing only a paragraph dealing with business not related to our deal. This email I wrote in response to a, shall we say, something less than pleasant email I  received.

You will see by this email and the next one that I am just about at that point where I really don't care what the naysayers say anymore. They just do not see the big picture like I do, more on that later.

Hi (name deleted for privacy)

the deal is NOT gone
the investor $ is NOT gone
and there are actually no investors.
My group made personal collateralized loans .Again not gone.
I am not afraid of being investigated !
I can prove every penny of the loan money I sent to the sellers companies by exact amount and exact dates and how sent , wire or cashiers ck.

I hope you don't join the hate group .
they feed of each others rumors .

My reputation is in the shyt over this deal , but I keep at it .
I'm about an inch away from saying F it it all and people can deal with the seller directly . He has the  money.

But u know what ? I just cant do that to all those decent people who are counting on me to let them know what is happening and exerting as much influence as I can . You probably don't even know the buy back kitty  is in progress because of me .

Mike G.

And here's an email I sent to/ replied to one of the naysayers. There really are only a handful of naysayers who seem to be the cheerleaders of the 'crucify Mike G' club, and as you will see in my reply to him it is an honest and genuine attempt to help him and those he influences, to understand the big picture. Again, more on that later.

I've been thinking about this all night .

Did you ever wonder why I would stick with this deal
along with all the personal attacks, the slander, the threats
and the character assassination??

I deal with all this and more each day, day in and day out  andwill continue to do until we cross the finish line because...

This deal is bigger than me, because people are counting on me to keep them informed , and nothing is more important to me than finishing this deal for the best and maximum benefit for every one including you . ( assuming you are a loan partner)

So I have an offer for you :

Because of my most recent back and neck surgery I do not
travel well . But I will pay for a round trip air for you
to visit me personally in my home in Fla.

I'll have a driver pick you up at W.  Palm  airport .
You wont need a rental car as I'll loan you mine .

We can plan on a full day if you want and I'll even put you up in my guest room with your own private balcony over looking the water .
I'll treat you to a fine seafood dinner , so you can experience Florida cuisine.

You can ask me all the questions you want . Most I will be able to answer but some  I will not .I'll explain why if asked Qs I am not permitted to answer.

If you have a family and want to stay longer , I can  put you up in a 2 bd ,2 bath 6th flr ocean front condo . Its on the beach and just 2.5 hrs from Disenyworld . Stay there no charge for a week or so if you like .
Its a beautiful place .

All this hatred is no good for anyone .
Let me prove it to you ?

Mike G.

I'm a little pressed for time today for personal reasons so let's jump quickly to...

Our deal

Recently our seller released a video which many have seen, and believe this video is the end-all say-all to our deal.

Fact of the matter is, this video was only about one company (that company being ViRSE.  The video had two purposes.
One, obviously it was done for public relation purposes.
2) In the video our seller specifically identified three separate groups of "his" investors, and his plan for dealing with them financially.

For god's sake please understand this...

Our group, the Mike G group, have never been called investors by our seller!

We are our own separate entity and our known as Loan Partners!

Whether you have seen this video or not is unimportant. Because how our seller deals with his original investors, what he offers them, how he categorizes them, is up to him, and does not include us.

All this said, our seller still intends to finalize a video dealing with our groups collateral and our groups buyout program, initiated by Buyer #5. Remember?

And when this video the seller is doing for our group is done, I will include it in an update! You will not need to go looking for it or hunt it down.

There's more to this story.  It dawned on me, many of my loan partners are not aware of the magnitude and depth of everything involved in this deal.

You see, so much of it was discussed long ago, consequently many newer loan partners easily within the last year or two have not been fully brought up to date on everything.

So allow me to summarize a couple of things about our deal which I believe will show A MUCH BIGGER PICTURE IS AT PLAY.

There are actually many companies involved in the overall sale. There were seven, I believe now eight total (so you see the buyer's video only about ViRSE and what he is doing with ViRSE for his investors is a very small portion of the big picture).

I don't know if you recall a couple of years back I helped the seller acquire a crypto exchange company. This exchange company is in Europe, and set up for obviously the European marketplace.

Now let's suppose that you wanted to develop a debit card and maybe even down the road a credit card which will enable your customers who hold the card to purchase goods and services at retailers around the world, the exact same way Visa/MasterCard works.

It would be immensely helpful if you owned the exchange company through which these transactions were funneled.

Then consider the stumbling blocks to doing this so far which primarily have to do with settlement time. Typically, 8 - 10 minutes for a crypto sale or purchase to be completed on that particular coins blockchain. (Each crypto coin is based upon it's own blockchain technology).

During those 8-10 minutes of processing time what if the price of the crypto the card represents goes down in value?

Let's suppose you are using your crypto debit card at the local Starbucks and by the time the transaction is processed the coin represented by the card falls in value 1%?  By the way a 1% decline over eight minutes is enormous, and rare.

However, let us suppose.

Your $6.95 latte, by the time Starbucks was credited the sale to their exchange account, they would lose $0.0695 cents.

But wait a minute... You also own the exchange! So satisfying your clients, the retailers who accept your customer's debit cards, you can easily absorb this loss for them by doing one or any combination of the following three things.

First, you can waive your per transaction fee. You may not realize this but every retailer who accepts a credit card pays a 'per transaction' fee, not a percentage but a flat fee, of anywhere from 25 cents up to about 85 cents (fairly standard examples based on average sale ticket prices).  You can also, through your contract with your client / retailer modify / manipulate the cost of the discount fee. The discount fee is paid for every transaction based upon a percentage of the sale and a low is about 1.8% and a high is about 3.5%, again typical and common through Visa/MasterCard.   Or, you could modify or eliminate if necessary, to keep your client whole, and not lose a penny due to the 8-10 minute processing time, you as the exchange company could easily waive or modify the crypto exchange fee. Every crypto exchange charges a fee for handling the transfer.

How about this: You also develop your own coin, call it FSTC for Fast Coin. Then this becomes the coin used for instant debit/ credit card transactions. We already have the technology and the mining resources... Get the picture?

I try to keep the illustration above simple so I hope you get the idea.

Our seller is not only in a position to do all of the above because he owns the exchange and the technology, but also and get this, we have five major mega buyers and the companies they bring to the table with enormous marketing power. the launch of this one single program would be an instant world wide success.

Listen, I have never mentioned all the companies involved. I have sworn not to. It was only when the seller began talking about ViRSE that I was free to also. However you need to realize ALL of the companies involved are part of the consortium of companies being sold and each companies technology complements and enhances every other companies technologies.

Think of it this way, it is one gigantic ecosystem of technologies all working together.

There are many other things involved in everything that is going on.

And in subsequent updates I'll talk about them on a one-at-a-time basis.

For the purpose of this update I just need everyone to understand the enormity of what we are involved in!

and thus my reason for being so willing to invite a few of the naysayers to visit with me personally so I may share things like this.

As you can see trying to email the above program and all of it's tentacles is very difficult to do not to mention time consuming, but multiply it by 7, 8, 9, or 10 programs, and I think you will begin to get a real and genuine sense of what our deal encompasses.

About these updates

Please allow me to keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, through these updates (again, meaning please no calls or emails about this update or this deal).

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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