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IMPORTANT NOTE / 2nd Time Announcement:
I will no longer answer individual questions sent by email or phone regarding any content in these updates. I can't keep up. However if a question or questions suggest clarification is needed regarding any update I will attempt to clarify in the next appropriate update. I always discuss things relevant and pertinent. I appreciate your understanding and support.
I must focus on my work. Thank you!


Special Announcements

Special Announcement #1

Bear with me, this is a long announcement...

I apologize for all the confusion regarding the Fast Cash program aka WOW.  I'm not going to point any fingers. I just know that because the recently overhauled website apparently was not working perfectly and people were not given a way to pay the $99 to lock in at the current cost of joining this program.

Further, I want you to realize I do not understand the down line program and frankly I don't care about it.

The only thing I care about is this: I want my loan partners to have an opportunity to receive a significant line of credit while having that line of credit paid off for them so...

From my upline, through my partner Garry, please review carefully these NEW instructions.

On another note, Garry has been without internet connection for the last two days however he is back online today.

The support email goes to Garry, however he may pass it on to his staff and/or upline for assistance.

Also note, the address and person listed in instruction #7 is the corporate office for this company.

Please remember do not email me about this, use the support email at the bottom of the new instructions, and again I'm sorry for all this confusion. Immediately go here:

And here's my DILEMMA...

As you may know, I have wanted to put referrals under referrers in this program. Even though there is no requirement ethically or otherwise for me to do so, which we can talk about at a later date. Not appropriate to discuss in this update. That said, each time I have announced modifications on how to become involved they have come from my upline and always with the question: How much time do we have to "lock in this price"  As I have said I do not care about downlines for this deal. I do not know the compensation plan. However, if you have referred someone to the MikeGDeal, immediately send them your 'sponsor code' and the above invitation to join link and ask them to use "your" sponsor code.

1. If you have not joined and were sponsored into MikeGDeal by someone, immediately ask them for 'their sponsor code" for use at the site / for when they join/ lock in.

2. If you have already joined this program and been issued your sponsor code, Garry and his staff may, and I repeat 'may', be able to move people under people at a later date. I do not know if this is possible.

3. If you have referred people to the MikeGDeal, ak them if they have joined this program. If so, get their welcome email when they have it and hold these. At a later date Garry may be able to put them under you. Remember, no commissions to my knowledge are paid referrers until the applicant has been funded.

Again, my only goal all this time has been to get you in what seems to be a tremendous, tremendous program. And the dilemma of course is the time pressure, again, because I did not want you or anyone else to miss out over this downline issue, which I have absolutely no control over.

If it were my site, like Auto Trade where we do have control, these issues would be easily handled. Again, I apologize for ruffling any feathers however I had no choice but to get this info out immediately as it became available to me.

Today's quotes

Two great quotes today, I love them both.

The first from Holger, I personally took to heart, you might also...

"The most difficult path has the greatest ending."

And this one from my new quote master, Jeff T.

Coach me, challenge me, believe in me


I think you may find this email interesting, it was sent to me by a long time and wonderful supporter, Vic, and took place following my new email policy regarding questions published in the Wednesday, June 22 update, at the top and again today at the top...

Good morning Mike,  Just wanted to let you know that we had a meeting last night with all downlines, about 237 people on the call to level set expectations on the Mike G. Deal.

I basically announced to the whole team, we are not going to communicate, ask questions or clarifications, or ask any other questions from you again, PERIOD !  I liked the message Collin sent you on the email and that was explained to everyone on the call. and basically told them that It does not matter how many details we have about the deal, it will not close faster, so, chill out and wait for closing.

I am tired of people always asking me to ask questions and bitching me out if the answers are not what they expect or want to hear.  These are all adults and need to start acting like it.  I basically explained to them that if they have lost trust in the deal, you, me, WHATEVER, then they will have an opportunity to get out soon.

I have other things to do instead of participating in people's negativity and the baggage that brings with it.

Anyway, I thought it was a good update yesterday but I was told on the call by a few people that it was a nothing burger and that we are not closer to understanding the deal or knowing when we are closing to which I responded with, "You are right, deal with it" and I asked them if they have ever been a part of a large deal with multi-national corporations, Banks and Govmts. to which they answered no and I told them, well, this is how they go, information to an investor or a loan partner as it is our case, it is not a priority nor is it prudent.  Don't like it, you'll have a chance to get out soon.  Just tired of all the negative.

Anyway, We got your back !


A wonderful impromptu video

This video was done as an impromptu between Rudy, a terrific loan partner, and a brief meeting he had with our seller. The volume might be a little weak for the first few seconds, nevertheless I have no idea how anyone can possibly imagine this deal is not legitimate.

Here's Rudy's email and video link:

This is what you call fate when the Universe is in perfect alignment!

Neil was supposed to be in New York, and Tuesday I had different plans but things changed last minute and we end up meeting each other in LA this morning. Had the opportunity to hear everything firsthand and was privileged enough to take some photos with the man with a plan!

I managed to convince him to make a sweet little video for everyone, you’re welcome to post it as well:

This is not a coincidence, I thought this might light up your day!! Exciting times ahead!

God is in control.

Loan Partner since 2020
Rudy C


As per my new email policy - and I thank everyone for helping me with it -  I did promise to address clarifications I felt were necessary. This is one of those...

As you may know from a previous update and possibly other sources, our seller is considering offering a 2% per month return for loans for just this company, ViRSE.  So here's the clarification...

"If" he moves forward in this plan he will ask me to invite you to participate and again "IF" he moves forward the money has NOTHING to do with our deal. It has only to do with promoting the heck out of ViRSE and furthering technological product development.  As I have said he plans to stay on after the sale. He is the creator of all this and a lot more.

ViRSE IS part of our big deal, meaning you are part of it also. And our seller is doing a magnificent job in reaching the top "brand" in this field / industry.

With that said, Ivan sent me this video. Listen you are part of this technology in a major way. I think you owe it to yourself to watch this video focusing on the heating up of the "Meta war."  See this link

Our deal

Not to much to report on because I've already covered above so much regarding ViRSE, however some exciting things for everything we are doing developed in New York this week. 

I'm sorry I'm not permitted to give specifics other than it is wonderful news for our deal.  I may be able to give exciting news on this later, you will then know why the hush on it for now.

So try and sit back, relax, and let me do my job.

Until next Wednesday.


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Otherwise, just visit this site on Wednesday's and Friday's after 3:00pm Eastern:

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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