Special Update

Special Update

This update is dedicated to just one topic, so please bear with me.

I hope to calm the nerves of many people who heard news yesterday, which, without a full understanding of it, has  caused alarm.

Our seller, Neil, was arrested yesterday. As you know he was staying over in LA for the Board Meeting which had been moved from Thursday this week to last night because of the short work week here in the states.

The arrest warrant specifies our seller accepted funds in the millions from investors and I believe the intent of the warrant was to prove he used those funds for personal gain.

Please step back and catch your breath on this, please.

The warrant does mention, among other items, the purchase of a fleet of vehicles as some impropriety. I was informed when this happened these vehicles were all electric cars and all purchased from Elon Musk, I'm told there were 17 automobiles involved.

I was further informed all of these vehicles were purchased for yet another company, a company to be included in the umbrella of companies to be sold, with a business model designed to compete in the ride-share industry, you know, companies like Lyft.

But with one big exception... For the first time ever this company appeals to the "Green" market.

I am happily one of those potential customers.  I with all my other "Green" counterparts regularly recycle. We loathe the idea of pumping fossil fuels back into the atmosphere. And most 'Greenies' as we're called, would like to see an end to this world's reliance upon oil.

Anyways, yes indeed he did buy all these cars, but now you know why.

This incident is another example of just how low the haters will stoop.

I have no idea what their letters to the authorities said. However I am confident these letters were fabricated in their detail and with one purpose, that purpose being to cause damage to our deal and particularly to our seller.

Allow me an example.

I have received at least three copies, I'm fairly certain there are more, of emails sent to various FBI offices.

Point of fact, everyone of them used an email address with my name, Mike G, at a or an or an, and others, all untraceable email addresses.

As you know, my email address is legitimate, I answer email to it, and it is very traceable, as I have never hidden from anyone on this deal, I think you know that.

Anyway, these letters went on to say, remember written by someone pretending to be me, that I was confessing to some fraud perpetrated on my loan partners.

Can you imagine anyone via email or filling out a form confessing to some crime? Ludicrous.

Fortunately the FBI agents who read these alleged confessions were all smart enough to know the difference.

My point is that if these haters will stoop to that level against me, just imagine what they have said to authorities about our seller.  It's just insane, it's just nuts.

This is very important

Our sellers companies do in fact exist. Many were listed in the warrant.  Over the last couple of years when I was accepting personal loans I turned around and sent these personal loans grouped together directly to the bank accounts of these various companies. THEY DO EXIST.

And because these companies do exist, we do have assets that are on the 'For Sale' block, as I have always said.

As you know, I receive my information from my partner Garry, who has a legal position within our seller's companies, as he sits on the Board of Advisors.

I have never known him to be less than 100% honest with me.

In discussing all of this with Garry at midnight last night, he informed me the buyers are still there.

So as it stands our seller has a new 'bump in the road.'

Entrepreneurs among us understand that statement. The seller will get through this.

So please look at the big picture:

The companies are very real and valuable. The buyers are very real and Garry has no concerns about them running for the hills.

These are all intelligent people who realize what is going on, including all the hate email and postings, and more importantly realize in this country "You are innocent until proven guilty."

Perhaps there is a silver lining in all of this. Just maybe the seller, the lawyers, the buyers, will pick up the pace and get our deal closed so they can finally prove to everyone, yes - including the authorities, it is all very real.

No email or calls please

Please, I am sharing with you what I believe and what I have been told. I realize the payback numbers that were offered us are off the charts, and I even spent considerable time discussing that topic on my mid-June recording available here for your review.

I therefore ask you do not call or email me about this issue - please, please, please!

I am telling you what I know.

I have nothing further to add.

I cannot clarify any of this any better!

I have had no less than 25 phone calls on this already, even while preparing this update 3 people have called.

With everything my partner, Garry, a legal company insider, shares with me is, none of this adds up.

So let us all give the man a chance.

I hope this puts your nerves at rest.

Oh, and one more thing I nearly forgot...

My midnight meeting with Garry last night he informed me the seller is still, despite what is going on, working feverishly to finalize the collateral / refund program.  As you know there are several elements to it and it's a huge programming job.

We will get through this bump in the road, we will.

Life throws us curves sometimes that we don't expect, the strong continue, the weak collapse.  We are strong!

As you know news agencies tend to sensationalize their stories as it sells more. So remember please, no phone calls or emails, I simply cannot add more information than what I share with you here.


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We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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