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Today's quotes

You know I like to start out with great quotes, so here goes...

The first one from Tee D.:

Good things

And this brief but impactful one from my friend Dr. David:

"The bird rises against a strong headwind, not only in spite of the wind but because of it. The opposing force becomes a lifting force if faced at the right angle."
-- L.B. Cowman

Wednesday's update

I feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders!

It really hasn't been but at least I have now embraced and adopted a new philosophy about all this stress.

After Wednesday's update I was overwhelmed with the positive responses which all taken together have helped me tremendously and freed my mind to focus on those important elements of our deal.

I hope you don't mind my sharing with you a few of the wonderful comments from our fellow loan partners, so here goes...

Hello Mike,

I hope you are doing well today. I know you are extremely busy so out of respect for your time I will make this brief.  I was so delighted after reading yesterday's update, I had to express my thoughts to you.  It was wonderful to hear that you were no longer going to give the naysayers, whom I refer to as energy vampires, a single minute of your time. 

I've often wondered why you spend so much of your precious time, entertaining these idiots by reading and responding to their unfounded, erroneous, and idiotic accusations. While I most certainly appreciated the times you took to thoroughly rebut and debunk each and every one of their false accusations, pardon the pun, please let me assure you that you were preaching to the choir.  And I'm absolutely certain that all the other partners would agree.

I love this quote, I'm paraphrasing a bit but it states "Truth needs no defense...Like a Lion, once it gets loose it will defend itself".  With that in mind please focus on what's most important, ie your God, your health, your family, and your businesses, exactly in that order.  Remembering, what we focus on expands, I'm delighted you will no longer focus any of your time on those energy vampires. 

Be well... and God bless you for being the wonderful man that you are!

With Love and Light,
Positively Portia

And how about this one? I share this one with you just so you and all my partners realize there are many very highly credentialized loan partners involved in this project. This message from Jeffrey H., a corporate lawyer:


Thank you for your update today. The only thing I have to say is this time I hope you follow through on what you’re saying about letting the haters and the naysayers be haters and naySayers and not letting them bother you anymore. Your life will be so much easier.

I’m just a small cog in this deal and I greatly appreciate the opportunity, as a corporate lawyer for 45 years I’ve dealt with large transactions that do take a long time. For your Health both physical and mental Mike just leave their garbage with them. That actually is the best revenge.

Jeffrey H

And this one is a great example of the tone expressed by so many:

Hi Mike,
I just had to write, I'm sorry.

Every time I read one of your updates that is a story of some idiots taking shots at you or displaying some doubt about this deal, it just sets me off.
Mike if you took a poll right now of all the people in this deal, I will bet that you would get 99.9% that would say they are still believers in you and they are also firm believers in this deal.
Who cares about the others, really?
Mike, you are the best and the most honest and careful, and hard-working businessman I have known. You have absolutely nothing to hide or be worried about by one or two negative nobodies.
I worked as a Manager for a major retailer for years. I knew in any one day I would run into at least one person that thought I was the worst manager in the world. If I let that one person get me down I never could have managed to get my way through the day and serve all the other customers/employees that believed in me and needed me at my best. I knew this and never ( after the first time it happened ) let it get the best of me.
I know you Mike, are a better person than me and all that you have accomplished in life. You are the best and you prove that to the rest of us all the time. That's all you need, and we appreciate it.
On another personal note. I too was given a heart scare this past year. I decided I would take action and I did and lost 22lbs.  The other day got a clean bill of health exam. I said damn it. I will not risk losing everything now that I finally have a chance at it. I will not give the bad guys the satisfaction of beating me one last time. I will not lose out on the payday darn it all. I'm hanging in as long as I have to , ha ha ! 
Brian B.

And finally, from a man who I'm convinced represents the feelings of so many.  He sent this heartfelt reply immediately after I answered a question for him:

Hi Mike,
You're doing great! Don’t forget God is good! And thank you for responding to me. Shows me that you are a man of your word ! Even me a hard working regular guy who got in on reserves, you take the time to speak to me that’s awesome!
Take care my friend, I’ll keep you in my prayers! I got many business ideas I will finally get to pursue thanks to you and this great deal! Thank you so much again ! God bless !

Jonathan P.

I think you should also know the reason I have spent so much time and yes, in the past but no more stress, responding to the 'mud puddle' crowd, I have done so for this reason:

Some of our partners for whatever reason are not willing to stop, take a breath, and think for themselves. They all too often reply upon conjecture, innuendo, and flat out false assumptions without fact made by others. My efforts have only been to keep all loan partners on the SAME PAGE and not be influenced by others. Who by the way I have learned most of the stone throwers are not even loan partners, amazing!

Our deal

I'm frustrated as you-know-what!!  The $1 million, remember I have a receipt from the bank showing the wire was initiated, has still not arrived at the seller's account.

Listen, this stuff happens in the banking world. Have you deposited a check into your account and then told by your bank it wouldn't be available for ten days? (Standard operating procedure for banks.)

Did you know in this digital age the money represented by that check you just deposited is in the banks account usually the same day, sometimes the next day.

However, banks increasingly want to keep that money on hand for ten days, more or less, for this purpose: Banks borrow from the Federal reserve at a variable multiple of their average daily balance, meaning "average" funds they have on hand. So the longer they can reasonably hold your money and not make it available to you, the higher their average daily balance is at the end of each month.

Meaning, they can borrow from the Feds, I think currently 3 1/2 times cash on hand, at the Federal interest rate, and loan it out at a much higher rate to consumers. Why do you think banks have the most beautiful office buildings? They have a license to print money.

I want you to realize this so you know they are no doubt, doing the same with this one million dollars.

You see, it was deposited into the sender's account one day before he turned around and wired it to us. I can't tell you how many times I've had wires delayed and corporate bank accounts closed for depositing accumulated loan partners loans and then wiring them back out one or two sometimes three days later... BANKS LOATHE THIS ACTIVITY.

In any event, a lawyer, ex White House lawyer, very prominent, has been retained just yesterday to contact the bank, and shall we say "urge them" to complete the wire transfer.

Frankly this wire transfer is causing a delay in the seller's and the Central banks mutual goals.

I do expect this matter to resolve very quickly now because of the well appointed legal intervention.

As you know, I have long standing had the policy where I will share with you what I can even with the total gag request, I am still bound my my original non-disclosure agreement. All of this said... I will never sugar coat the events or the progress.

I pray you'll listen to me but realize some of our members are still swayed by the 'mud puddle' crowd.

Have a great weekend. As usual, I'll be in touch with my next update, next Wednesday.


Please do not be offended by this, I need to make this absolutely clear...

For my own personal health, ie; stress mitigation, I will not take calls or respond to emails from anyone asking for "additional details" or expressing their 'Monday quarterbacking' critique on my updates.  I need to focus 100% on the job at hand.

Please allow me to keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, through these updates (again, meaning please no calls or emails about this update or this deal).


Also, tell your partners they can CLICK HERE and sign up for receiving my reports. Watch for an email to confirm - you do have to confirm your subscription. (Yahoo is notorious for blocking emails from Getresponse, the mailing platform we use, so if possible use a gmail email address.)  If you signed up and are not seeing the updates please check your spam/junk folder or promotional folder and move those emails to your inbox, and whitelist them.

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.


Mike G.


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