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Our webmaster informed me this morning of five different links that were down overnight, and one of them was MikeGDeal where I keep a record of these updates. He had already caught it and put it back up along with the other ones so here's the point, I apologize for any inconvenience if you attempted to access this page and it showed either as blank or access forbidden, I'm guessing here between 11pm last night to 8am this morning.

A poem I wish to share

I'd like to start with this poem today.

There are those who seek to harm me personally and all because I have a dream to help change the world through people, not governments.

There are those who seek to harm this deal and all because of a dream to change the world.

So let me begin with an admittedly long poem which causes me to well up and yet emboldens me to continue to accept the abuse from a few non believers. These same people seek to also harm our wonderful top supporters and group leaders, and it's just a shame.

So here's the poem, I hope it motivates you in your pursuits as much as it does me:

When Nature Wants a Man
by Angela Morgan

When Nature wants to drill a man
And thrill a man,
And skill a man,
When Nature wants to mould a man
To play the noblest part;
When she yearns with all her heart
To create so great and bold a man
That all the world shall praise--

Watch her method, watch her ways!
How she ruthlessly perfects
Whom she royally elects;
How she hammers him and hurts him
And with mighty blows converts him
Into trial shapes of clay which only Nature understands--

While his tortured heart is crying and he lifts beseeching hands!--
How she bends, but never breaks,
When his good she undertakes....
How she uses whom she chooses
And with every purpose fuses him,
By every art induces him
To try his splendor out--
Nature knows what she's about.

When Nature wants to take a man
And shake a man
And wake a man;
When Nature wants to make a man
To do the Future's will;
When she tries with all her skill
And she yearns with all her soul
To create him large and whole....
With what cunning she prepares him!

How she goads and never spares him,
How she whets him and she frets him
And in poverty begets him....
How she often disappoints
Whom she sacredly anoints,
With what wisdom she will hide him,
Never minding what betide him
Though his genius sob with slighting and his pride may not forget!
Bids him struggle harder yet.
Makes him lonely
So that only
God's high messages shall reach him
So that she may surely teach him
What the Hierarchy planned.

Though he may not understand
Gives him passions to command--
How remorselessly she spurs him,
With terrific ardor stirs him
When she poignantly prefers him!

When Nature wants to name a man
And fame a man
And tame a man;
When Nature wants to shame a man
To do his heavenly best....
When she tries the highest test
That her reckoning may bring--
When she wants a god or king!--
How she reins him and restrains him
So his body scarce contains him
While she fires him
And inspires him!
Keeps him yearning, ever burning for a tantalising goal--
Lures and lacerates his soul.
Sets a challenge for his spirit,
Draws it higher when he's near it--
Makes a jungle, that he clear it;
Makes a desert, that he fear it
And subdue it if he can--
So doth Nature make a man.

Then, to test his spirit's wrath
Hurls a mountain in his path--
Puts a bitter choice before him
And relentless stands o'er him.
"Climb, or perish!" so she says....
Watch her purpose, watch her ways!

Nature's plan is wondrous kind
Could we understand her mind ...
Fools are they who call her blind.
When his feet are torn and bleeding
Yet his spirit mounts unheeding,
All his higher powers speeding
Blazing newer paths and fine;
When the force that is divine
Leaps to challenge every failure and his ardor still is sweet
And love and hope are burning in the presence of defeat....

Lo, the crisis! Lo, the shout
That must call the leader out.
When the people need salvation
Doth he come to lead the nation....
Then doth Nature show her plan
When the world has found--a man!

Submitted by my friend Marco R., who wrote he reads this poem if he's having a tough day, and also reads it to his 2-year-old son.


I make this declaration and promise to you and all my partners... Despite it all - the heartaches, the personal abuse, the abuse on my family and friends -
I WILL NEVER QUIT ON YOU.   I will see this thing through.

And know this, even knowing what I know today, what I had to endure, all the possible consequences, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't hesitate not even for a moment. I believe in all my heart I have been chosen for this mission yet I do not know why, it comes with so much anguish.

The form

As you know Wednesday I announced my plans to put up a form which will serve double duty, one for the purpose of assigning collateral when the seller has completed his legal work on this project and tells me what he needs from everyone.

I had also mentioned I would use the same plus additional information on the form for disbursement after closing purposes.

However, one of my astute partners brought it to my attention, he wanted to hear my experts speak on the subject of foundations, trusts, and other possible ways to receive large sums.

He's right! I will have to do two forms. The first one I will wait to discover from our seller what he needs from me, then from you. And after closing I will invite speakers, already lined up, teaching us things we might consider before electing "how to be paid" for the second form.

I had hoped to do it all on one form, but I see now I cannot, so I'm sorry to trouble you soon with the first form, we'll call it the "collateral form" and then later after our speakers following the close, I'll put up and we'll call it the "disbursement form."

And just so you know, both of these forms are significant projects because all fields / questions, will drop into a central database thus creating spreadsheets with our in-house data, per partner on demand.

Our deal

Great news! I learned late yesterday, on Monday, the one million dollars being held by Chase will be forwarded to a 3rd party / lawyer's escrow account to be made available to the seller for the exclusive marketing rights we have spoken of before.

And as a side note, I want you to realize two things...

One - already two workarounds have been put in place if needed to solve this exclusive marketing deal, which now of course will not be needed.

Two - these funds, although arranged by me with the aid of two wonderful partners, have not gone through any of my bank accounts so this delay has not been on my end. These funds are coming from the money manager's account for a well-to-do individual who is making the loan to the seller and wishes to remain anonymous... So great news!

With this procurement / exclusive marketing agreement of which $1MM has already been paid as a good faith deposit (that's good faith!) should put us back on track with where we left off, I think about three weeks ago.

And for clarification, I received a good question from a partner wondering... why if the seller's companies are being bundled for the sale he is spending any time at various trade shows etc.?

Here's the answer for him and everyone:

The bylaws which control this sale we are all endeavoring to get closed - remember the control does not rest in my hands, include the provision the seller will continue with all of his promotional activities during the closing process and he will also remain on board for up to one year at the discretion of the new owners.

This, by the way, is a very common arrangement with any significant business sale and obviously this deal qualifies as significant.

Final clarification

I continue to receive, maybe once a week or so, an inquiry asking for the privilege of pledging and becoming involved in our deal.

For the record, I am not and have not for at least six months, maybe longer, accepted any new partners into our deal.

Fortunately there has not been a need to. Besides this I do not wish to be besieged with questions from someone totally new who has not had benefit of all of these updates, I'm sure you see my point.

In closing, if you celebrate -
I wish you a Happy Easter weekend!

Onward and upward!

About these updates

If something dramatic or urgent happens between the schedule of Wednesday and Friday updates, I'll send out a special update.  Otherwise just let the people who are doing what they do, the varitable army of people who are involved, and let me do my job, and I promise you, I will.

I thank you for your understanding and I hope some of the above may help you ease any tensions you personally have or as a rebuttal to any negative comments or criticisms, etc. etc.

Please allow me to keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, through these updates (again, meaning please no calls or emails about this update or this deal).

Receiving updates

Also, if you are not already, you can CLICK HERE and sign up to receive my updates. Watch for an email to confirm - you do have to confirm your subscription. (Yahoo is notorious for blocking emails from Getresponse, the mailing platform we use, so if possible use a gmail email address.)  If you signed up and are not seeing the updates please check your spam/junk folder or promotional folder and move those emails to your inbox, and whitelist them.

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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