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Two great quotes

Let us start today with 2 fantastic quotes submitted by Chris J.

One More.. great isn't it?


I would like to share with you these 3 beautiful emails of support!

And despite what you may see anywhere else it is important for you to realize, overwhelmingly I receive beautiful comments like this..

Life is Battle. Battle is the Seed for the spoils of war. Whatever the price, overcoming is worth it. Job is a great example of persistence in the midst of human suffering. He was stripped financially. His children were killed. His closest friends misjudged him. But, overcoming doubled his blessings.
-Lloyd W.

Next Email:

Mike G, your update that you posted today really touched my heart. I want to encourage you reminding you of Psalm 37 which tells about evildoers. I know you probably already are aware of this passage of scripture but I want to reiterate it. Your enemies who seek to destroy you will be cut down. You already are victorious over them and God is going to take you to higher heights. So be encouraged! Trials, troubles, persecutions, and discouragements all plays a part in making you strong, henceforth making you the vessel that God wants you to be. What a mighty man you are!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this.

May God bless you,
Katrina S

Next Email:

Mike it's been a while since I sent you an email. But I want to share some things with you.

I admit as a man that I'm a little sad about the deal, but the only thing that gives me hope , is the fact you haven't disappeared, you still leave updates and you're still fighting.

Mike I hope you can take comfort in this. Even tho you don't need me to defend you, I defend you to a lot of folks, Secondly , I don't care how money there is in the world. I really believe, and Mike I truly believe this from the bottom of my heart. I know for a fact you would not put yourself through all this complete HELL!!! for a few dollars. Your reputation, your good name , your families lives being threatened, the partners lives , our names, and our reputations. It just doesn't make sense.

Mike I'm with you, I'm patiently waiting. We love you

-Loan Partner

Our Deal

I want to clear the air on something which for some not most, seems to be an issue...

Over just the last few months I was advised by my partner and/or the seller of a projected, anticipated, or expected closing date.

Each time I shared those expected anticipated or projected closing dates, I always used words to that effect.

Since last fall, I never EVER said a closing date was guaranteed to be on a specific date EVER! So PLEASE allow me to make this as clear as I can.. And hopefully for the last time...

I ALWAYS report what is shared with me by my partner who has regular meetings with the seller or things the seller tells me himself.

I never contrive, guess, or use conjecture in any way. This said, I've learned my lesson.. From now on I will not ever announce a projected closing date- even if it is told to me!

Only when I am told the closing is happening on a certain date, will I make such an announcement. Projections and estimates are no longer part of my vernacular for these updates.

Let's talk about something else. I realize many of my partners have wondered, doubted and yes I know that many are stressing over this deal. I get it! I AM IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT YOU ARE!

PLEASE just realize this; things continue and WILL continue to evolve in this deal!

Our new buyer #5 is VERY proactive with everyone involved with including yes the Bank in South Korea! I will tell you a little more about something else he is doing in just a moment.

If you will imagine with me, you are an entrepreneur and you have an issue (I call problems issues), which you just can not get your arms completely around..

In my world of entrepreneurship.. and likely yours as well... When faced with uncertainty with an important goal or achievement, something must happen. We begin to do what I call "throwing mud on the wall".

This means we start throwing ideas and concepts on the wall to see what "sticks". Our seller is doing exactly these things right now.. And here are those things in various stages of advancement:

The seller is endeavoring to take his umbrella of companies- all of them, by the way I have never listed all of them, public. This maneuver once accomplished and will add tremendous value to all of these companies and will immediately make the sale/closing far easier. When the new owners take over, they can immediately begin to sell stock/shares in what they now own! This makes for a very compelling proposition for everyone, the seller and the buyers.

I expect and am hopeful but cannot guarantee, sometime during the 3rd week of this month the seller will be in a position to, do not underestimate this, provide all loan partners with collateral representing each loan partners total amount of funds loaned to the sellers companies (not me). Doing this will allow for 2 really BIG and important things to be possible!

Every loan partner receiving their collateral may if they choose keep it of course- remember collateral is not re-payment for a loan it is security for a loan, or sell the collateral on the open market. This sale platform is part of the sellers total project which we will now address as "The Collateral Project".

Remember I said I would get back to our very pro-active new buyer #5? Here's where he comes in..

He has enormously deep pockets and is probably the wealthiest of all the partners..

He realizes the stress the seller is under, and me, and yes even many loan partners!

So when the collateral project is finished.. The plan is again initiated by buyer #5, will be to purchase those lets call them "Collateral Packs" doing 2 things..

1st giving back any loan partners original loan who want out- for whatever reason, of this deal. You should know that buyer #5 is not doing this for purely altruistic reasons..

He is doing this to alleviate stress all around yes- but also get this- those "Collateral Packs" being issued in the form of NFT's for each loan partner represent a value of course greater than the original loan amount, I know this is sticky, which is the whole point of your involvement and my involvement meaning the dollars we loan are supposed to provide a very significant return on the loan.

So buyer #5 will be for those loans partners who want out- will be acquiring another portion of the value of the "All the Companies" beyond his share of ownership as represented through his agreement with the other buyers. Additionally, he will inclusively once and for all, silence all the naysayers who seek to cause damage to our deal. So as you can see with just this one concept, several important things are accomplished simultaneously.

Finalizing this buyout program I am told will probably take 4-6 weeks. Think about it. First the collateral needs to be issued for a specific amount for every partner. Then a form needs to be set up collecting information from any loan partner who wants the buyout and then the databases need to be intricately tied together... this requires new programming. And this is where the time needed comes in.

Last comment, I will put up an exchange so partners who want more of the deal, will be able to purchase directly from the partner who wants out. At their original loan amount. Not at a profit to the partner wanting out.

As you know, because of the pro-activity of buyer #5 and everything he is bringing to the table, our Bank in S. Korea is still with us. Even though- and if I knew for sure I will certainly tell you, this deal WILL take various twists and turns. Buyer #5 has more influence than I originally thought and what our final deal looks like I do not know. But I do know this... Buyer #5 would not be willing to put up ANY buyout money UNLESS there was a SIGNIFICANT PROFIT FOR HIM.

Fast Cash

One of our VIP loan partners and my partner Garry have been working on something really REALLY BIG! I do not have all the particulars just 2 pages of notes so far. I hope to have a meeting with the company owners which I will record sometime on Thursday May 5th.

Here's what I know so far:

It involves setting up an S corporation in California, making application for a $100,000 through your new S Corp. A line of credit which you are never personally responsible for because the company assumes that liability. You then in 60 days begin earning $4,000 every month plus an additional $2,000 which the company pays ON YOUR BEHALF as payments to payoff the line of credit.

I am told no one has ever been denied this line of credit because the application has to do with setting up an S Corp in California and somehow also a trust inside that S Corp. And the company doing all of this is the entity signing for the credit line obligation.

I'm also told on day 90 you receive a check for $30,000 to do with as you wish. This in addition to your $4,000 monthly stream and the $2,000 paid by the company to pay off your line of credit.

I also know the company will pay $1,000 a month for anyone you refer 18 levels deep. Meaning if you refer one person, and they refer another, and they refer another, and they refer another, etc. etc., you receive $1,000 a month for each under you.

As it stands Garry is working with the company on "The Application" asking for the name of the person who referred you to Mike G. This means if you are a group leader and I am sure you will need to join the program, you will earn this override i.e. $1,000 a month on everyone you brought into the Mike G. Deal. As well as those they bring in 18 nlevels deep.

I have been informed the only cost is $499 plus a $25 application fee-- again not through the loan- because no credit check is ever run- and that's it!

Garry has been working very hard on this as an additional way to help all of our loan partners cash in through your affiliation with us.

By the way the set-up the corporation is $499 plus the $25 application fee again for the corporation for which I am told no one has ever been shot down will go directly to the company offering this amazing deal.

Also you should know Garry has worked hard to get this done for us all. Because at first the company did not want us to be a part of what they are doing. And only because...


And they didn't think when discussions first began, that they could accommodate all of us. Garry was able to convince them to scale up to accommodate us and once our involvement has reached its maturity- the company might not ever need any new participants.

Congratulations Garry!

About these updates

If something dramatic or urgent happens between the schedule of Wednesday and Friday updates, I'll send out a special update.  Otherwise just let the people who are doing what they do, the varitable army of people who are involved, and let me do my job, and I promise you, I will.

I thank you for your understanding and I hope some of the above may help you ease any tensions you personally have or as a rebuttal to any negative comments or criticisms, etc. etc.

Please allow me to keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, through these updates (again, meaning please no calls or emails about this update or this deal).

Receiving updates

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We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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