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Special announcement

We are continuing to phase in our new email platform.

Part of the process involves throttling back on the numbers of emails sent per hour, to all of our lists.

For example, this updates email notice started several hours ago so it would conclude sometime today. However, I'm not exactly sure where the system is 'set', meaning, how many emails per hour it is sending.

Also, the new system provides for the update announcement to come from me so I ask PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND ACKNOWLEDGING RECEIPT! PLEASE!

Also, at the bottom of all our emails for all of our lists, as the law requires we provide a way to unsubscribe. We have always done this. So, should you wish to unsubscribe from any list sending an email asking to unsubscribe will not work (get you removed).

As we will not manually unsubscribe anyone when this can be done in less than a second by clicking on the link at the bottom of any email list of ours you are on. (As this update is posted online you cannot unsubscribe from this page).

If you ever miss receiving an email update notice for a Wednesday or a Friday, just come to this site,, mid-afternoon or later on those days.

Let's begin today with two great quotes...

The first one from Jeff T., a friend and wonderful supporter:

The mind is a magnet

And here's one from Don S.:

Successful People

Emails received

I want to show you three emails of hundreds received in just the last few days, I think it's important you realize as I'm sure you do the overwhelming majority of our loan partners are decent, respectful, and committed people!

Loan partners understand, if this deal was some fake or con, no way in hell would I after six months of not asking for a dime, continue to suffer all the terrible things being said and done, and continue to provide you with updates at least twice a week.

They know I am out there with my name, my real email address, a physical address, and even my phone number.  I am not and have never hid from anyone. Yet... the haters always use a fake name, some even use stolen names meaning ID theft, in order to pretend to be someone they are not, and they hide. And so you know, again, still, not one of them has taken me up on my offer for a 100% confidential telephone interview.

I'm sure you know in the world of journalism, professional journalists always, and I repeat always, attempt to verify the source of their information. It's not only ethical, it avoids legal problems for them down the road. So just ask yourself, or better still anyone you know with doubts, why haven't any of these people approached me? Why not?

Here are three sample emails...

Email from Kim S.:
Dear Mike,
I shall leave this short as I know you are very busy and time is of the essence to you.
Thank you very much for your email regarding updates
Wishing you fabulous health, peace of mind and heart
Most of all I pray the nay sayers leave you in peace.
I amongst thousands have complete faith that you and those involved are doing their utmost to complete this deal and look forward to new ventures helping others once this deal is done.
Much love and many blessings
Kim S.

Next Email from Dorothy W.:
Thanks MikeG, for you deligent pursuit of financial freedom for us.
I am praying for you. The abuse you endure is inhumane.
When you give to the poor, you give to God. This too shall pass.
With Regards,
Dorothy W.

Next Email from Wanda S.:
Thanks so much for getting back to me. 
I am getting them [the updates] on the website now.

I have wanted to email many times just to say I want this deal to close as much as the next person but know these things take time. You have my thoughts and prayers ad we move through this together.
Wanda S.

Lately I have received, probably a few hundred by now, emails expressing the same thoughts as above. So many so I simply could not reply to each one expressing my gratitude. For all who have sent me wonderful and positive messages, I thank you for the bottom of my heart!

Our Deal

I want to share with you an email our seller recently sent to his "investors".  I will make several comments about this email after you read it:

We are officially advising ViRSE Stakeholders of the intention to recognize any and all contributions to the ViRSE (ViMarket Inc) group of companies into the current conglomerate including Energy TV Inc. CHMI and Sungame/Freevi. This includes any related companies and all including precursor companies.

As you know, ViRSE has been developing virtual world technology, now commonly referred to as "Metaverse" for some years now, and more broadly, "Web 3" which utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens or "NFT's". Our solutions involve technologies and Intellectual Property (IP) that has, to varying degrees, been built upon developments of the predecessor companies and therefore it is justifiable to include stakeholders from the above companies to benefit from the monetization of the assets built from the IP developed by the previous companies.

A recent indicator of the potential of this market can be observed from a transaction that occurred about 10 days ago involving a company called Yuga Labs, who developed the landmark NFT Project "Bored Apes Yacht Club" and proceeded to acquire the next largest project called "CryptoPunks"

Yuga had been developing a Metaverse for their own NFT's called "Otherside" and two weekends ago "dropped" (launched) it through something called a virtual land sale. 100,000 "Otherdeeds" were released of a total of 200,000 and were bought for a total of over 300 Million USD. This is expected to represent a fraction of the value of the future value of the deeds once the metaverse has been developed and opened for use in the upcoming months.

To put things in perspective, Bored Apes NFT's themselves rose from an initial release price of under 1 Ethereum to now a minimum of 150Eth or more for the cheapest one. "Apecoin" the cryptocurrency created by Yuga which was needed to be purchased to buy Otherdeeds soared to a market cap of over $6B displacing the previous top Metaverse Decentraland, and second place Sandbox as the top Metaverse in the weeks leading up to the Otherside drop.

ViRSE has already developed a diverse ecosystem of digital products and a foundational component of the platform is the concept of virtual land (hereinafter referred to as ViRSE "Lands") This is not the retail name of the digital assets but for confidentiality reasons we will refer to them as "Lands" until the public reveal expected next month.

All stakeholders have a claim on ViRSE Lands and this is the mechanism by which we will settle investor obligations. This process is now commencing and further details will be shared in an update video being produced in the upcoming week which will shed more description on the process and why ViRSE possesses a competitive advantage.

Note: I said this email was sent to our seller's "investors."  This expression has caused confusion a few times. Please allow me to explain.

Years ago, long before you and I became involved, our seller raised initial seed capital through his own investors, primarily in Canada. The above letter addresses them as investors or stakeholders. More importantly, the above letter is NOT applicable to "Mike G Loan Partners."  If and when our seller uses the expression "Mike G Loan Partners" which of course is us and not HIS investors / stakeholders.

You will note in the last paragraph he talks about the mechanism being put in place to "pay back" those original investors / stakeholders. He very specifically is NOT talking about Mike G Loan Partners.

However, it's this same mechanism being put in place to pay back his investors / stakeholders which will also "provide Mike G Loan partners with collateral and it is in fact this collateral being developed now, this mechanism, which will be used to collateralize all Mike G loans and also for Mike G loan partners who want their money back to sell this collateral to the new buyer #5.

Way back when, under my original NDA, I agreed to never mention any of the companies names. Which I of course have not done. However, in the letter above the seller does make reference to ViRSE, and just a few other companies in what I have always called the umbrella of companies being sold. It's vital you understand there are several others under this umbrella.

However, because of the single and major value of the company known as ViRSE (which I have only mentioned since the seller made it public), ViRSE by itself has a value far greater than what is needed for our seller to settle with his investors / stakeholders, and of course create the collateral and "opt out" option for Mike G Loan Partners. WAY FAR GREATER!

I'm trying to clarify all of this so you, and all my partners, truly 'get it.' 

There is an awful lot going on behind the scenes and a great deal more value represented by ALL of the companies being sold.

Finally, as I have said SEVERAL times recently, only often stated different ways in my attempt to make it clear, our deal is constantly evolving and changing.

Just two examples...

First ViRSE came on the scene long after I began my efforts to find loans to sustain our sellers companies and growth.

Second, the purchase of a crypto exchange company was also added about 18 months ago. I'm told it alone has an appraised value approaching nearly 100% of all partner loan capital.

And as a 'by the way', there was even one more company developed for this umbrella of companies being sold.

Our seller in my opinion is a technology virtuoso.

He understands where the future is headed in the world of technology, and not just in "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) but so many other things that some days my head spins with everything he is involved in.

And all of it is on the table for sale, part of our big package.

So again, I do not know what our final sale will look like, I just do not know.

I do know the total value of everything being sold is greater today than it was before I and then you even became involved. Which begs the question...

Will the payout be the same as the original deal?

I do not know.  Those discussions are always in progress as you know with the buyers, the bank in South Korea, and all the lawyers.



Final note: In the future I'm going to attempt to keep my updates a little shorter. I find, some people don't have time to read or digest everything I say so I'll do my best to synthesize things moving forward.

About these updates

If something dramatic or urgent happens between the schedule of Wednesday and Friday updates, I'll send out a special update.  Otherwise just let the people who are doing what they do, the varitable army of people who are involved, and let me do my job, and I promise you, I will.

I thank you for your understanding and I hope some of the above may help you ease any tensions you personally have or as a rebuttal to any negative comments or criticisms, etc. etc.

Please allow me to keep you up to date with what I CAN tell you as things develop, through these updates (again, meaning please no calls or emails about this update or this deal).

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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