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Special Announcements

Special Announcement #1

This 'Fast Cash' program seems to have more twists and turns in it than a $5 carny pretzel.

Further complicated by the apparent issue the mailer we were using, Getresponse, did not send us the email address of everyone who voluntarily signed up to the list to be notified.  And then again further complicated by the fact our own mail server is new and not recognized by some recipients, and then also some messages, as always is the case, may go into spam or junk mail.

Therefore, I hope to have final instructions on how to participate
posted at this site, sometime tomorrow or Friday:

I will send out a notice and also mention it in Friday's update in this special announcement section.

Special Announcement #2

For those who are not receiving or are missing my updates regarding ICAN Auto Trade... There have only been two updates. We expect to have the final launch date announced this week but possibly Saturday.
Of course I will send out an update to everyone who has pre-registered, and I will also post the update at this link:


Today's quotes

Let's begin with this quote submitted by Arlie L.:

"If you fail, never give up because
F A I L means "First Attempt In Learning".
End is not the end.
E N D means "Effort Never Dies".
If you get no as an answer, remember
N O means "Next Opportunity".

Sounds like something my old friend Winston Churchill would say...
"Nevah, Nevah, Evah Give Up!"

And an awesome quote submitted by Katherine K.:

Life is like a camera


I thought I would share this wonderful email, it's nice to get these from time to time, from Carole K.

Thank you, Mike, I posted the below message to the hater group:

"Just for the record, and you don't need to hit back with all your anger and vitriol because I have read everything you have written since the first pin.

You won't convince me of anything, I am not stupid, and I have invested with Mike before as have my friends. The problem here is not that there is not going to be a deal, it just has not been described in detail and it is ongoing. Posts may have been poorly written or poorly interpreted.

But I know at my age, as with any investment one should not invest what they can't afford and every prospectus says that along with a caution to do your due diligence.

That being said, for those of you still in, in my dealings with Mike he has acted honorably, honestly and kept his word. And you don't need to think you're smug or know something we don't. We know of every single action ever filed against Mike or Neil for 25 years. So continue with your campaign as long as you wish, but those who are still in and want assurance, Mike is a man of his word."

Our deal

Last night the seller attended the Manager's meeting. These are the 'original' managers and I emphasize that for a reason which you will learn about on a recording I will soon tell you about. And tonight, Wednesday night, another meeting with the 'original' Board of Directors.

This past Saturday, June 11, I hosted a very small, private, and intimate group of group leaders and a couple of loan partners. Please do not be offended if you were not invited to this call.

There were three questions that were not addressed during this teleconference meeting, which I recorded.  Two of them somehow were submitted by email and somehow I missed them so I will answer them here, and one of them I also specifically wanted to answer here rather than on the call which was taking longer than I planned for.

Here's the first question, which was apologetically overlooked:
Question: When can we expect the video for Mike G's group? It was announced back in March and was to be delivered within a week. Since then he has produced a video regarding NFTs which makes us assume this is the only deal he is working on. Why doesn't he have time to make a video for our group?

A. The video regarding the NFTs has morphed into a much larger project. The only video our seller has done relative to NFTs is for just one of his companies for PR purposes. This video was done specifically for our seller's personal group of investors - not loan partners or the Mike G group. 

Nevertheless, this video when completed will be accompanied by all of the other elements of the 'refund' program. I have discussed this, those elements are:
1. legal work as everyone requesting a refund will need to Docusign;
2. programming for monitoring and tracking those who receive refunds;
3. collateral issued in the form of tokenized NFTs, and equal to an amount matching every loan partner's total contribution. Most likely worth more now than the loan / face value.

I have also commented this collateral is NOT how people will be paid, it is just security for partner loans. It is an enormous project which grew in size as it became apparent that all of this should be done together and offered at the same time to simplify things.

It is not the seller's fault for these delays in getting this project completed. The seller has to deal with his lawyers, lawyers for the buyers who are listening of course to the buyers, the banks have weighed in on things they need to see included in this project (remember, collateral and refund and white paper and legal agreement by those receiving a refund, are all elements of the same project.

The Board of Directors has weighed in on this project as well as the replacement buyer we now call Buyer #5.  I think all of this will make more sense when you listen to this very very important recording.

The 2nd lost question is:
Question: Why do you refuse to do a live call with your loan partners the same way you do for your motivational talks and crypto trading venture?

A. My teleconference center accommodates 800 easily and stretched to the max 1,000. I have tried on two occasions giving two call in lines to spread participation numbers evenly by connecting both lines to the same bridge. This experiment however was a dismal failure as my teleconference center, an outside vendor, could not make it work seamlessly.

My Tuesday night calls for the program entitled, "How To Be A Better You" are always at a participation level that can be accommodated by the teleconference center.  Further, for the same problem described above, I have not hosted a live call for my AI crypto software, but instead did a small group recorded conference like I have done for this update.

The third question, basically is this:
Question: Why has your partner Garry not been involved in update calls?

A. I am not a martyr, however Garry is more than a partner, he is my friend and I am not about to throw him under the ugly bus. He and I knew because of the crazy numbers and offers which grew over time fully explained on this recording, there would be heat. We knew there would be naysayers. We of course did not expect the level to which some people would stoop, however that is beside the point. You see I made a personal promise to my friend I would be the point man. My way of shielding him or more appropriately stated I think, excluding him from all the hatred.

Rest assured, he is alive and well, and we discuss this deal EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And often, many times a day.

Our deal / recording

For my hearing impaired partners please know I haven't forgotten about you. I received this recording from my teleconference center too late to have it transcribed for today.

However transcription is underway and I will have a written version for you in Friday's update. Please just know in advance the transcription work is done digitally with far too many run on paragraphs and words the software did not recognize so some edit work is required for it to make sense.  Even in it's edited version it will not be a perfect rendition of the recording.

On this recording I begin with a preamble, taking all of us back to the very beginning. I felt this was important to do as many people have not been with us since the beginning so this historical review I'm confident will be of tremendous assistance to a lot of loan partners in understanding all of this stuff.

This recording is exactly 71 minutes and 39 seconds long. I want you to know this just in case someone tries to pass off a modified or edited version different from this original. You will know if it is less or more than 71 minutes and 39 seconds in length.

My original goal was to keep the recording at about 45 minutes, hence the reason for just a handful of live participants. Still we ran over my self imposed time goal. However I'm confident you will agree those extra minutes are more than worthwhile.

After my historical preamble, I immediately dive into a loan partner's questions, followed by some additional tough questions of group leaders.

I held nothing back, as I have said a thousand times or more, I have nothing to hide.

So keep this in mind: Everything I discuss has been at one time or another talked about. Sometimes mentioned several times. This said; some will be a refreshing revelation to many of the newer loan partners.

And when you finish listening please remember how I began this section, "Our deal."  Our seller was at the 'original' Manager's meeting last night, and again will be at the 'original' Board of Directors meeting tonight.  The reason for the emphasis here will be apparent as you listen to this all important, in fact CRUCIAL, audio update.

As you know our deal is fluid and constantly lends itself to new details. So please just sit tight and let me do my job, as you will soon discover how much of my life and reputation I have committed to this project.

Click here for the link to the recording.

I will not answer any questions regarding this recording, I am confident any questions you may have are addressed on it.  However... in subsequent updates I will continue as always to keep you updated.


If you have not been receiving notices of the updates being available at this site, please resubscribe to receive them at this link

Otherwise, just visit this site on Wednesday's and Friday's after 3:00pm Eastern:

We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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