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I must focus on my work. Thank you!


Special Announcements

Special Announcement #1

Regarding the Fast Cash program...
I think we finally got to the bottom of it all, so if you have already sent your package and checks as per earlier instructions then you are all set, just wait for Garry or his staff to contact you if they need anything further from you.

If you have not participated yet, here are the new and hopefully final instructions for locking in at the current price.

Special Announcement #2

Regarding Auto Trade, at this link I have posted the most recent update, as well as I have emailed it to everyone who has pre-registered. Some people say they are not receiving the updates, however our mail server shows 100% delivered to all confirmed email addresses. The email comes from

If you can not find your updates you have two choices:
1) All updates are posted in your Auto Trade back office if you have pre-registered.
2) You may also see the most recent update at this link.

Today's quotes

Now let's get started with two great quotes...

First, from my long time friend and group leader, Linda Knott aka "Boss Lady":

"Remember, a fact is a fact, no matter how hard the liars amongst you might try hushing it up."
--  Linda Knott, T.W.P.

Second, I really enjoyed this one and hope you do too, from Don S.:

Before you assume


I want you to know Colin F. has been a wonderful supporter and group leader for a long time.  He recently sent me a wonderful email I wanted to share with you.

I only wish more people would adopt his attitude. I promise you, if more do there would be a lot less stress for them and me.

Mike -
Excellent news in today's update! I realize it will still be some time before the closing happens, if it does this time, but it is encouraging to hear it will be back in the works soon!

The call was a good idea and offered up some information that had previously been kept under wraps, which is good for the members to know. Hopefully, it will quiet the negative outcries.

I realized while listening to it and accepted the fact that it doesn't matter how much I do or do not know about the nuances of the deal, it won't close any sooner or later because I know a certain detail or not.

So I'm going to do as I counseled so many callers about the deal to do - sit back, get comfortable, put my feet up, be patient, and wait.

I allowed myself to get caught up in the "need to know" scenario and became obsessed with the idea that the details were something I would benefit from. They're not, they don't matter to us as Loan Partners at all. The only news we need to hear is the statement "We are closed!"  Now with today's update, that is once again on the horizon, and a blessing to hear!

Thanks my friend,

Our deal

Let's jump right to our deal today as I have lengthy doctor's appointment and cannot predict what time I will return. So three items for you...

First, as you know one of the seller's companies is ViRSE.  And he has been investing a great deal of time and other resources into it's development because the potential it represents is off the charts. He mentioned to Garry that he is putting together a 2% per month short term loan package (annualized at 24% ROI) and he may make this available to Mike G loan partners.  If he does, know this...

The money he is seeking to raise is only for ViRSE. It is not for funding for our deal. Let me say that again as I know I'm going to get email...

If he offers a 2% per month short term loan deal to Mike G loan partners it is NOT to raise capital for our deal.

Next, over the weekend my partner Garry met with our seller as they are both in Vegas now making it much easier for them to get together when necessary and more frequently as we draw closer to our objective.

During this meeting our seller informed Garry that he is on track and expects to have the collateral project completed by the end of this month.

Keep in mind I use the word "expects" and I do so, as I have shared with you in the past, our deal is fluid and subject to plan variations from day to day.

This said, if you recall last Friday's update, I informed you what our seller had told Garry which was, and I quote, "The purpose of meeting everyone in xxxxx city is to begin the closing process."

Remember, it's a matter of reorganizing so much that it will take some time to be determined before that final closing table.

I think it's important for you to realize the pieces and the players are back at the table and they are not, I repeat NOT waiting for the collateral buyout program to be completed and thus are continuing the process! Nevertheless, the refund program must be in place and resolved for the naysayers prior to closing - which again we expect very soon now.

So here's your takeaway:
Things are moving forward and NOT on hold pending completion of the collateral / buyout program.  Okay?

Finally, this weekend our seller informed my partner, Garry, he was traveling this week to NYC and he is doing two things in New York, one is a trade show relative to ViRSE, and the other is his planned meetings with the buyers and other players in the deal.

Speak to you again on Friday, thank you.


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We as a group of like minded and generous people, coming together for a common goal, can and will change the world forever in ways we cannot even imagine today.   -- Mike G.

Finally, my future epitaph, hopefully a long time away:
He Did The Best He Could To Be The Best He Could.


Mike G.


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